Monster Steak & Cheese Burrito

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  1. Lay 5 tortillas in a skillet in a flour formation. Add your steak, then onions, then peppers, then tomato, coriander and cheese. Pop a final tortilla on top, fold in the rest, then cover with greaseproof and weigh down with something heavy (and oven-proof). Bake for 25 minutes at 200°C.
  2. Meanwhile, make your sauce. Heat your butter over low heat then add your flour. Cook for 30 seconds then add a little milk. Add your milk bit by bit, stirring constantly. Once all incorporated, bring slowly up to a heat until thickened slightly. Turn off the heat, add your hot sauce, stir through, then begin to add your cheese. Keep adding until all incorporated.
  3. Pour all over your giant burrito.
  4. Cut into slices and dig in.