No Whey!? Cheese Addicts Assemble!

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Warning: this article contains cheesy (hah) puns, proceed Caerphilly.

Cheese: the king of comfort food. It does magical things to your meals and moods; it makes pasta impossibly more-ish, pimps up burgers, joins forces with chips to make the ultimate drunken snack, and forms the basis of the best, most indulgent sandwiches...

Grate. So we've established that cheese is delicious and makes our day-to-day meals that bit better, but it's recently become apparent that some addicts are not content with a sprinkling of the stuff. No, some people are forging a path to total cheese domination, and I'm going to tell you how. Listening? Goud(a).

1. The Melt Room, Soho, London

In London? Head to the Melt Room, Soho. This place, founded by a cheese-mad New Yorker, pays homage to the humble grilled cheese sandwich. The menu combines cheddars, mozzarellas and more with the best artisan bread, slow cooked meats and other delicious fillings. These are grilled sandwiches, but not as you know them.



2. Cheese Rolling

Like to add an element of risk to your cheese consumption (other than increased chances of weight gain and high cholesterol)? Get yourself to the annual cheese rolling challenge on Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire,UK.

This fest of hardcore cheese fans sees people running at breakneck speed down a perilously steep hill in the vain hope that they might catch a large wheel of Double Gloucester. Be warned, though, this event is not for the faint hearted. Back in 1997 over thirty injuries were recorded - such is the power of cheese.



3. Parmesan Pasta Bowls

As well as opening up cheese hangouts and putting on slightly insane cheese based events, cheese obsessors have recently shone the spotlight on using Parmesan as a cooking vessel, a longstanding Italian tradition. I know, an edible cooking container? Cheesus!

This technique involves hollowing out a wheel of Parmesan, throwing a load of pasta and fillings in, then stirring until infinite cheese oozes and scrapes off, coating the pasta in melted deliciousness. Just think about that for a minute... pasta, plus infinite cheese...


4. Cheese Instagrammers

There are plenty of Instagram accounts focused on clean eating, veganism and bespoke cakes. But of late, the social media platform has seen a rise in the number of accounts dedicated to cheese (hashtag 'cheestagram'- am I right!?).

Some of the best places to look for your daily dose of dairy are Grill My Cheese (yes, they broke the internet with the rainbow toastie), Betches Love Cheese and Where is My Mac and Cheese. These young grammers are true cheese aficionados, and you should check them out.



I bet you're now sat there thinking, "Edam! I need to up my cheese appreciation game!" Well, what are you waiting for? Get on Instagram, visit cheesy eateries, do some hardcore cheese rolling (or perhaps don't) and get on that Parmesan cooking hype, because one thing's for sure, there will always brie time for cheese.