Snoop Dogg Loses The Plot After Learning How Hot Dogs Are Really Made

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Ah Snoop Dogg, how we love you. The phenomenal rapper is always doing something either awesome, hilarious or both for our amusement. Whether it's cameos in films or leading an army of gummy bears in a Katy Perry video, you can always depend on Snoop to provide some mad funny antics.

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In his latest television appearance, he stole the show on a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when he was shown graphic prerecorded footage from a meat-processing plant making hotdogs on an industrial scale. The segment, dubbed "Howz It Mizzade" shows Snoop's fantastic reactions to factory-made products. Be warned. The footage is not a sight for the squeamish. Check it out below.

Snoop wasn't told what the mysteriously gloopy substance being processed actually was at first, so his reaction of shock and disgust upon discovering the mystery product to be hot dog meat is genuine and spontaneous. He offered various explanations for the origin of the stuff beforehand, describing it as either cereal, cream of wheat, manure or beef jerky. Ewww.

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For most of the film, the repugnant dull-grey liquid meat is being sluiced through various different tubes, and as it goes on Snoop Dogg's guesses get more and more crazy. At one point he was even convinced that the gross gloop was sheep hair. To be fair, it's about as far removed from a mental image of a delicious hot dog as you could expect to get.


His reaction to the end of the production line is too profane for us too mention here, but needless to say, Snoop was flabbergasted. “This is a hot dog!? Oh cuz, I ain’t never eating another hot dog! Ugh!” he groaned, with this head in his hands. “If that’s how they make hot dogs, I don’t want one. I’m good.”

This statement comes mere weeks after Snoop officially endorsed Burger King's hotdogs for a whopping sum. Man, I hope nobody tells him anything about chicken nuggets. Ah well, I'm sure it won't keep him down long. Here he is rocking out live in Inglewood, California.

But hey, hot dogs don't have to be horrifying. In fact, with a little advice from us, you can jazz up your hot dogs and make them something far more awesome. Take a look at our method for making our Twisted loaded "Not Dogs." Delicious!