These Supposedly Delicious Ice-cream Flavours Are 100% Not Delicious

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Ah, ice-cream. One of humanity's greatest inventions: up there with fire, the wheel and penicillin. It's the perfect thing to cool you off on a hot summer day and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. It's usually the one thing guaranteed to make me ditch a new diet and begin putting on the pounds again. Who can resist those icy charms?

Of course, when it comes to ice-cream it's all about the flavour. Rum and raisin for the show-offs, mint-chocolate chip for the real freaks, coffee for those in desperate need of a caffeine fix, and vanilla for all the boring people who were too nervous to decide to have something more exciting.

But there are a whole host of strange and interesting flavours of ice-cream out there for those dairy technicians who like to experiment with their frozen treats. Some will make your mouth water, others make your eyes water, and a few might make you sick.

With that in mind, we've collated for your perusal the weirdest ice cream flavours available out there. Did you think that banana was the quirkiest type? Ha! Think again newbie!

1. Bacon


2. Foie gras


3. Wasabi


4. Horseradish


5. Lobster


6. Bourbon and corn-flakes


7. Avocado


8. Crocodile egg


9. Garlic


10. Horsemeat


11. Haggis


12. Smoked salmon 


So there you have it: the strangest and most esoteric flavours out there, some good, some bad, some just ugly. Personally I doubt I'll be able to find crocodile eggs in my local supermarket. Ah well, I'm sure chicken eggs would be a decent substitute. Do you know what, maybe I was being too judgemental earlier. I might just stick to vanilla after all.