This Is How You Can Make Your Own Giant Gummy Soda Bottle

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Of all the sweet and sticky, gooey and chocolate-covered sugared treats and confectionary marvels that exist in the world of candy, the humble gummy was always my favourite. I'm sure we all have fond memories of stuffing paper bags full of the treats at the pick 'n' mix in the movie theatre and being unable to sit still during the feature thanks to the monumental rush of pure, unleaded sucrose.

It's probably why one of my favourite episodes of The Simpsons was "Homer Badman", which opens with Homer and Marge visiting a gummy candy convention and taking home a yummy gummy mountain to gorge on.

You might wonder how the heck the delicious damn things are made, or how you can make your own. Well, the internet has come to the rescue with this viral recipe for making your very own gigantic gummy soda bottles: just like the ones you can buy in the stores, only much, MUCH bigger and at a fraction of the price. Intrigued? Take our advice and follow the guide below.

You’ll need some powdered gelatin - which you can usually find in the baking aisle of your local supermarket - and a fresh bottle of (pre-gummified) liquid soda of your choice. Firstly you pour all the liquid into a bowl and then mix it evenly with the powdered gelatin and stir. Make sure you get the consistency right, otherwise the gummy won't hold its shape.

Then you'll have to make a slit with a knife in the plastic soda bottle, and seal it up with tape after. This will be important later. With the gelatin and soda evenly mixed, pour the mixture back into the container and leave it in the refrigerator for a good few hours in order to let it set properly. Once the mixture's hardened, peel off the tape, carefully tear apart the plastic bottle and voilá! You'll have a newly-minted giant gummy soda bottle.

That'll tickle your sweet tooth! But it would be nice to have something to accompany it, something like, oh, say, a delicious homemade S'mores cheesecake. It's easier to make than you might expect. Aren't we good at treating you?