The Yorkshire Pudding Pizza is putting Northern England on the map

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Britain may not have a great reputation for food, but there are a few things that we do better than anyone.

Fish and chips, deep fried mars bars and full-English breakfasts are all uniquely British and all undeniably glorious. However, perhaps the crown jewel of UK cuisine is the quintessential Sunday roast. Nowhere are beautifully prepared joints, crispy potatoes and lashings of proper gravy done better than in England's green and pleasant land.

But, while these stars may get the plaudits, there is an unsung and under appreciated hero in this food fiesta. Not enough people around the world celebrate the Yorkshire Pudding.

Bowl of Yorkshire Puddings Credit: RecipeThis

The Yorkshire Pudding's beauty is in its simplicity. A straightforward batter of flour, eggs and milk, seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and pepper, is poured into a piping hot tin and baked in the oven. The result is light, fluffy pastries, perfectly designed for sopping up sauces and supporting other elements of the roast ensemble.

Despite being beloved by many in the UK, the Yorkshire Pudding has recently fallen on hard times. Though it may be a respected tradition, it has struggled to establish itself in the international market, becoming eclipsed by other, less delicious dishes. That though, could be about to change.

Yorkshire Pudding and roast beef Credit: Tesco

2017 saw the introduction of the gloriously inauthentic "Yorkshire Pudding Burrito" across the UK, and now the twisted minds at Morrison's supermarket have come up with something equally demented. In celebration of national Yorkshire Pudding day, the brand has created a continental hybrid in what must be a world first - the utterly insane Yorkshire Pudding pizza.

Harnessing the true Yorkshire's naturally spheroconic shape, Morrisons have been able to fashion a product that combines the best of England and Italy. Looking more like a Chicago deep-dish than a traditional pizza, the "pizza-shire", as it shall now be referred to, features a giant batter-built exterior filled with a pool of tomato sauce. Mozzarella has then been used as the cheese of choice to coat the tomatoey top.

Yorkshire Pudding Pizza Credit: Morrisons

The impressively titled "Yorkshire Pudding Expert" at Morrison's, Jenny Dixon, said of the new creation,

"Everyone loves Yorkshire pudding and everyone loves pizza, so we are combining the two to create the ultimate comfort food for Yorkshire Pudding Day. 

"The crust is made the same way as a typical Yorkshire pudding and is topped the same way as one of our pizzas. We’re looking forward to hearing what customers think but we hope that they’ll love it."

With the supermarket selling over million Yorkshire's a week already across their stores, it seems that her confidence in the new product is not misplaced.

two yorkshire pudding pizzas Credit: Morrisons

The pizza-shire will be available in two flavours: classic pepperoni and meat feast. The latter will feature mini-meatballs, pepperoni, spicy beef and jalepeno peppers. Though each is no doubt delicious, the lack of variety means that vegetarians everywhere will be left with rumbly tummies.

Excited customers can get their hands on the hybrid throughout February. If it tastes half as good as it sounds, expect to see pizza-shires flying off the shelves. Perhaps Sunday lunch will have a new staple in the not so distant future.