Twix has finally released a salted caramel flavour in the UK

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Salted caramel makes almost any sweet treat infinitely better. Even the most committed chocoholic will struggle to keep going after a few bars of cloying, one-note, intensely sugared cacao. Add something salty into the equation, however, and snacking becomes a completely different, much more sustainable ballgame. 

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Twix, clearly, has realised this. Over the years, the famous biscuit-based caramel and chocolate fingers have been tweaked with dozens of different flavourings as designers try to find the perfect formula. Some have been more successful than others. Now, however, there are signs that the powers that be may have hit the tasty nail on the head, with the introduction of salted caramel Twix. 

The bars, which have been available in Europe for some time, are set to make their debut on British shores, sending the nation’s chocolate fans into meltdown. Also available in a slightly larger size, the new product is guaranteed to please anyone who ever wanted their favourite treat to have a salty kick. 

Check out this recipe for Salted Caramel Sticky Buns:

Given that the original Twix design also features caramel, the new flavour might not sound like much of an innovation. That, however, hasn’t stopped thousands of salted caramel Twix fans from taking to social media to express their excitement. 

Commenting under an article about the new chocolate, one enthusiastic Facebook user wrote, “FAN OUT AND FIND ME THIS...THIS IS NOT A DRILL....I NEED THIS,” while another added, Ooooooh! My favourite flavour of all time, salted caramel! Yum yum.” If this reaction is anything to go by, British supermarkets could be about to experience a caramel-coloured gold rush. 

As per Metro, the new bars seem to be available at participating Co-op stores, though whether they will pop up anywhere else remains to be seen. Even if you do have to commute to a Co-op, however, salted caramel is surely worth it. 

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