Walkers has launched 'Nando's chicken' and 'Pizza Express' flavour crisps

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Much has changed in the food industry in recent weeks. Ask anyone who works in a restaurant and they will tell you that the landscape may never look the same ever again. One thing that you can rely on, however, is that whatever happens, we’ll all still be into weird crisps.

Now that the nation is bored, trapped and desperate to eat something exciting, famous British crisp manufacturers Walkers have decided the time is right to bridge the gap between dining and snacking. 

Instead of combining unusual ingredients, the brand has elected to bring the public’s favourite eateries back to life in chip form, unleashing a new range inspired by beloved high street chains. We might not be able to go out to a restaurant, but now we can at least replicate the experience with a sliver of potato.

The new flavours, which have been dubbed the “Taste Icons” range, take inspiration from restaurants such as Nando’s, Pizza Express, and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and “transform their favourite dishes” into crisp form - according to the Walkers website.

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One of the most exciting options may be the Nando’s Peri-Peri chicken flavour crisps, which promise the chain’s signature spicy chicken tang. Also included are American Hot and Margherita flavours from Pizza Express, a Katsu Curry variety from YO!, Classic Cheeseburger from GBK, and Chilli Con Carne from Las Iguanas. 

In addition to the nostalgic flavours, Walkers are also “offering a free 2-for-1 restaurant meal voucher in every pack”. As they themselves point out, “clearly these vouchers cannot be used at the present time,” so they have decided to extend the “voucher redemption period until 3rd December 2020 inclusive.”

While swapping your favourite meal for a bag of crisps might feel like a poor substitute, given present circumstances we’ll take what we can get.