Wendy's and Pringles have partnered together to create 'Baconator' chips

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There are no rules regarding what flavours you can or can’t put on a crisp. More than any other member of the snack family, crisps lend themselves to a dusting of weird and wonderful ingredients, ranging from the sensible to the outrageous. It’s impossible to be bored on a trip to the supermarket crisp section. 

Of course, many of the crisp creators’ madder ideas can sound actively horrible. Whichever godless monster came up with Lay’s “Wavy” chocolate deserves to spend a long time in solitary. However, even though the unfettered creativity of crisp designers can lead to disaster, it can also produce unadulterated awesomeness. Behold - Wendy’s “Baconator” Pringles.

Designed to deliver the cheesy, bacony goodness that you’ve come to know and love from your favourite overindulgent sandwich, Baconator Pringles might be the ultimate fast-food/snack mash-up. Described as “limited time only” it looks like fans will have to move fast if they want to experience the burger in bite-sized form.

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The new crisps were recently spotted at Festival Foods by Instagrammer @ryanblashka, who shared them popular snack-centric account Candy Hunting. Although Festival Foods are a local Wisconsin-based group, Candy Hunting claims that the products are “not a store exclusive”, suggesting that they could be on their way to other parts of the country soon. 

Understandably, reaction to the flavour has been pretty excitable. One Instagram user commented, “What the what?! I need these ASAP. Many.” Another followed suit, adding, “Whoa! Gotta hunt this down!”

A third took a slightly different tac, suggesting that the new flavour “Should be sold in Wendy's. Have the chip offering in the sandwich.” Creating a crisp sandwich with a crisp flavoured with the sandwich you were about to eat might be the most deliciously meta way to snack ever. We can’t wait to try it.