Where is Great British Menu filmed and can I visit?

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Foodies across the country are keen to find out where Great British Menu is filmed and whether they can visit. The BBC series is, after all, one of the biggest highlights in the food TV calendar.

Obviously, thanks to a pandemic, making a cheeky trip to the famous kitchen is off the cards for now. However, as one of the most iconic cooking shows around, there are plenty of interesting facts about the set.

Great British Menu filmed The Great British Menu set is in Warwickshire (Credit: BBC)

Where is the Great British Menu filmed?

The Great British Menu is filmed in two locations, thanks to the show's unusual format.

During the heats and regional finals, the show shoots a studio in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire. The studio itself is actually a specially constructed studio kitchen, complete with everything a cook needs to make Michelin-quality food.

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However, once chefs make it through the rigorous heats, things get a little more complicated. The location of the final banquet, which marks the culmination of the show, changes year on year.

Previous seasons of Great British Menu, for instance, have been recorded at The Great Albert Hall and Abbey Road Studios, among other illustrious locations.

Where the banquet itself takes place depends entirely on the theme of the evening.

Great British Menu set Great British Menu is filmed in a special kitchen studio (Credit: Alamy/BBC)

Can I visit the Great British Menu set?

Visiting the Great British Menu set is currently not an option, with the strict protocols surrounding all TV studios at the moment. However, there are a few, very unlikely ways to sneak onto the show.

The first is to be selected as a guest judge during the heats. Every week, a famous figure from whichever industry is the focus of that series' banquet gets to take part in the tasting process for the final heat. If you're a leading light in your industry, this is one way to get on set.

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Another way to get on Great British Menu is to get an invite to the actual banquet itself. However, both of these options are pretty exclusive, so are unlikely to be an option for the average viewer.

Unfortunately, however, simply wandering onto the set just isn't an option for most of us.

Great British Menu banquet The Great British Menu banquet is held at a variety of prestigious venues (Credit: BBC)

What is the Great British Menu prize?

Unlike other reality cooking competitions, the grand prize at the end isn't cash or a trophy. Instead, the successful contestants have the honour of cooking at the Great British Menu banquet – one of the highlights of the culinary calendar.

Every year, chefs compete to cook at least one dish for a four-course banquet, held in honour of an important British industry.

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Throughout the course of the competition, chefs are awarded scores for their starter, fish, main and dessert courses. Once the judges announce the regional winners, the best chefs compete head to head, each trying to get a course to the banquet.

As the show culminates, the winners of each course get to cook their food for the banquet guests. There might not be much cash involved, but it makes a massive difference to a chef's reputation.

Great British Menu Winning Great British Menu is a massive achievement (Credit: BBC)

Who is favourite to win the Great British Menu 2021?

With the heats still underway, fans are none the wiser as to who will win Great British Menu 2021. Even though the original 32 chefs have already been whittled down, there is still a long way to go.

For instance, after successfully negotiating the regional heats, chefs then have to navigate a national final. Only after beating off the best of the best from around the country can they earn the right to cook at the banquet.

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Unsurprisingly, succeeding is no small achievement. Previous Great British Menu winners include some of the most talented chefs in the country.

However, despite the difficult journey, the rewards are definitely worth it. After all, there's a reason why top chefs come back year after year.