White Claw has a new 70-calorie, zero-sugar hard seltzer

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Given the ferocity with which the hard seltzer flame burned last year, you could be forgiven for assuming that 2019 was a bit of a boom and bust. Surely, after we all spent the summer swooning over every update from ‘Bon V!v’, most of us would be looking forward to pastures new? Apparently not, if the furore around the latest news from White Claw is anything to go by.

Arguably the world’s most popular hard seltzer brand, White Claw has really cornered the fruity, fizzy boozing market. Now, in a bid to strengthen their hold on the sector, the brand has branched out to anyone already working on their beach bod by offering a brand new 70-calorie, zero-sugar seltzer. 

The drink, which comes in both Clementine and Pineapple flavours, features the same base as the original White Claw cans of seltzer water, gluten-free alcohol and fruit flavourings. However, this new version weighs in at 30 calories less than the original, and also contains a slightly lower 3.7% ABV. 

In a tweet promoting the new member of the White Claw family, the brand described the drink as “a new way to celebrate your finest moments.” They also revealed that cans will be available in 6-packs when they come on general release. 

News of the new release will come as a welcome relief to dozens of locked-down White Claw fans, many of whom have been wowing the internet with their innovative takes on the drink. For instance, many have uploaded photos and videos featuring homemade White Claw slushies, blending cans with frozen fruit and vodka.

The start of summer 2020 might have been unusual, to say the least, but at least it looks like the world’s favourite warm-weather drink isn’t going to disappear any time soon. 

This article originally appeared on VT.co