Woman accused by police of grinding up her boyfriend and cooking him

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Breakups can be a messy business. When feelings and tensions are running high, we can all do or say things that we may not really mean. An unwarranted insult here. An overly aggressive gesture there. In the heat of the moment, all sorts of strange feelings can boil unsolicited to the surface. Still, even though we can all sympathise when someone is upset, there are some breakup reactions that even the staunchest romantic would struggle to defend.

One such reaction has recently been reported from police in the United Arab Emirates. It emerged this week that prosecutors are opening a case against a Moroccan woman, who allegedly killed her boyfriend and served his remains to several Pakistani workers on secondment in the Middle East. The incident, which apparently took place several months ago, was only uncovered after law enforcement officials discovered a human tooth inside the woman’s blender.

During initial questioning, the accused, whose name and age remain confidential, vehemently denied any involvement in the disappearance of her partner of seven years. However, after being confronted with the grisly evidence unearthed in her kitchen gadget, she soon broke down, admitting to officers that she had committed the crime in a moment of “insanity”.

The UAE-based “National” newspaper report that the motivation for the crime was anger at the prospect of being abandoned for another woman. The paper states that “she wanted revenge for being dumped after seven years of financially providing for [the victim].” As upsetting as this would undoubtedly be, one can’t help but wonder whether there was a more reasonable and less drastic measure that could have been taken, before whipping out a nutribullet.

Though it is not known precisely how the victim died, police understand that the woman did not waste any time before cutting up the body, and also asked “a friend to help her dispose of the victims remains”. It was then that the corpse was converted into minced meat, which was then fashioned into machboos - a type of traditional spiced rice dish popular throughout the region. The unfortunate victim was then served to several unwitting local workers.

As shocking as the details of this crime undoubtedly are, it is hardly the first time that someone has attempted to disguise evidence of murder by cooking their victim. As recently as a few weeks ago, police in Thailand were confronted with the gruesome case of a vegetarian restaurant owner who had slaughtered a loyal customer, before serving him to slew of now traumatised plant-based diners. Clearly, cannibalism is a more common recourse for reprehensible restaurant owners than you might imagine.

Many details around the current case are still unknown. Prosecutors are still in the process of building a watertight case against the accused woman, and it remains unclear what the upshot of the investigation may be. All that we know for certain is that workers will be paying close attention to their machboos over the next few weeks.