Woman arrested for domestic battery after throwing Chinese food at her partner

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As any chef will be quick to tell you, there are plenty of potentially dangerous ingredients in the kitchen. Coconuts can crack heads. Pineapples can make sitting down extremely uncomfortable. Cucumbers can lead to all sorts of unconventional problems. But, generally speaking, once food has been prepared and cooked, many of these dangers tend to fade away into insignificance. This was not the case during a recent incident in Florida.

On the 19th of November, cops arrested 65-year-old Donna Lee Gramley, after she had allegedly assaulted her partner and cohabitant by pelting him with Chinese food. According to the arresting officers, the victim had been lying in bed at the time of the incident, before an angered Gramley started to hurl the contents of her dinner at him as he lay prostrate and unprotected. It’s fair to assume that he was somewhat taken aback by this turn of events.

According to the investigators currently embroiled in the sticky, deep fried details of the case, Gramley initially “became irate” after her partner “purchased food for neighbours” on the evening of the incident. According to The Smoking Gun, who were among the first to report the story, “The couple shares a residence at a mobile home park in Tarpon Springs, a city in the Tampa Bay area.” Presumably, there were some internal politics at play that made food sharing a strict no-no.

After the clandestine food exchange had been unearthed, an enraged Gramley began to throw “Chinese food at the victim as he was laying bed, striking the victim with the food,” according to the report of booking officer L. Brunelle. In a vivid description of the scene, the cops also claim that remnants of the food “could still be seen” scattered around the room as they arrived to investigate the disturbance.

Things, apparently, did not get any more straightforward when the officers attempted to take Gramley in for questioning. Though she reportedly admitted throwing the food once she had been read her Miranda rights, she allegedly resisted attempts from a deputy to handcuff her in the aftermath, leading to a second separate charge of “bracing and pulling away”.

dumplings Credit: Pixabay/igorosynovsky

Despite the obvious difficulties that the officers encountered in getting the situation under control, Gramley appears to have calmed down after a short stint behind bars. According to The Smoking Gun, “Gramley, who was booked into jail under the surname Stewart, was released from custody yesterday morning on her own recognizance.” It also appears as though her victim did not sustain any injury after becoming the target of flying food.

For most of us, the idea of a food fight is something nostalgic and innocent - something to be cherished and shared with those closest to us. But, as the case of angry Gramley proves, even something as seemingly harmless as a thrown spring roll can end up having serious consequences. Worth remembering, next time your partner tries to buy food for a neighbour.