Woman discovers crystal that looks exactly like fried chicken

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Everyone’s heard about the supposedly miraculous power of a piece of quartz. However, until now, no one knew that mineral healing could also make your tummy rumble. Even if you believe that sleeping with a lump of rock is the most effective way to heal a broken leg, you’re not going to turn to an amethyst for dining inspiration. 

But, just because most rocks look about as appetising as the contents of a cement mixer, it doesn’t mean that they can’t get your mouth watering. After all, if we know anything about the mysteries of geology, it’s that planet earth produces things that fly in the face of everything most of us understand about physics. This being said, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that you can find crystals that look exactly like fried chicken. 

To the shock of the internet, a woman achieved viral fame this week after sharing a snap of a crystal that looked identical to a fried chicken tender. The picture, originally posted by user @ameliarude, has since spread like wildfire across the web, with users marvelling at the likeness between the lucent material and their favourite fast food. It has to be said, the resemblance is uncanny. 

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Despite looking exactly like something you’d find stowed in the back of the Colonel’s fridge, it soon became clear that the strange material really was a rock. Users on Twitter quickly identified it as “red calcite”, a type of carbonate mineral historically referred to as “alabaster”. Not that a history lesson was on many people’s minds, with so much inedible deliciousness on screen. 

So popular was the original post that, before long, dozens of other social media users were sharing their own snaps of tasty-looking gemstones. One shared an eye-catching photo of a “cheesecake” crystal, while another added a picture of “raw meat” mineral “Rhodochrosite”. 

In ordinary circumstances, rocks and food rarely go well together. Anyone who’s ever tried to eat dinner on the beach knows the dangers of mixing too much Mother Earth with a meal. However, if you weren’t careful, you could easily fool yourself into thinking that this is one crystal that would work well with a side of French fries. Who knew that you could mix science with food porn so spectacularly?