Woman disgusted after allegedly finding feathers in her McDonald's chicken wings

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A female customer at a McDonald's in Beijing was horrified to find that her order of chicken wings allegedly came with the feathers still very much attached.

The woman, known only as Zhou, apparently ordered the wings to-go for her daughter, who shortly after noticed something off about the food.

The girl quickly felt nauseated when she realised that her wings were served slight fresher than anticipated, but by then, she had already eaten three of them.

This is the alarming footage allegedly taken of the unusual order (and try not to feel queasy):

Fortunately, she wasn't sick after eating the meal her mother had purchased, but the discovery did massively affect the girl's appetite.

"A chicken wing overgrown with feathers was fried and then sold, to be sent straight into a child’s mouth!" Zhou wrote in a translated social media post, alongside a photo of the wings. "My child is now having nightmares, and whenever she eats she retches."

The woman, whose full name has not been released, immediately complained to the staff and the fast food restaurant responded by offering to reimburse her ten times the amount she originally paid for the item, Btime.com reports.

chicken wing Credit: Weibo

The Guangshunbei branch also reportedly gave the woman an additional 300 yuan ($45) in coupons to make up for the incident which occurred last Sunday evening.

The customer, however, decided against taking the chain up on their offer, opting instead to report them to the local food and drug administration.

This is the moment a male customer attacked a member of McDonald's staff over a straw:

"Who can accept this?" she wrote.

"The feathers were still attached to the chicken wing. We have questions about how the restaurant handles food safety," she told Chinese media outlets.

Weibo Credit: Weibo

In response to the matter, McDonald's China issued a public apology on their official Weibo account this past Tuesday, and announced that they are still investigating the oversight, and will improve food management.

Some Weibo users, however, are sceptical as to whether or not the customer really did detect feathers in her order, highlighting that the 'feathers' would look a whole lot different had they actually gone through a deep fat fryer.

Other users suggested that it could have been the work of an employee intent on sabotaging the restaurant.

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