Woman divides the internet by adding peas to her full English breakfast

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The kitchen affords many opportunities to get creative. After all, part of the joy of cooking is taking two or three delicious things and blending them together to make something new and even tastier. Innovation is to be encouraged. 

However, included with the license that every cook has to explore something a little unusual is the understanding that some things are still sacred. However tempting it might be to garnish a classic, you risk enraging every food lover on the planet if you do. One woman is discovering this to her cost thanks to her controversial decision to add peas to a full English. 

Fried breakfast connoisseurs will know that there are no hard and fast rules as to what has to be included in a full English. Some swear by black pudding and hash browns, while others insist that the only essentials are sausages and bacon. Where most seem to agree, however, is that anything green should be avoided like the plague. This is why Jessica M’s recent effort has drawn so much scorn.

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Posting a picture of her fry up to popular Twitter and Facebook account Rate My Plate, the social media user was soon at the centre of a storm for daring to include garden peas alongside the usual selection of beige deliciousness.

The photo, which has received over 1,000 likes on Twitter alone has deeply divided the crowd, with some for and some against the radical suggestion. 

The “No” camp was particularly vociferous. One Twitterer went so far as to state, “Peas and beans on the same plate? For Breakfast? You should be on a register for this.”

Another wrote, “Peas on a breakfast commands a 10-year sentence in a hard labour camp and a further 2 years for aggravating my OCD,” and a third added, “Those peas have been put there as a deliberate provocation.”

However, not everyone was so close-minded. Popular frozen food brand Birds-Eye declared, “We admit that peas in an English breakfast is a bit rogue, but we also admire the attempt at making it healthy."

Admittedly, the brand has substantial skin in the game as one of the nation’s biggest frozen pea producers, but the comment still attracted some support. It just goes to show that even the most madcap twists on a classic may not be totally devoid of merit.