Woman shares recipe for homemade giant Jaffa Cake

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One of the hidden perils of homeworking is proximity to the snack drawer. At the start of our self-isolation experience, my house had stocked up on the entire biscuit aisle, buying enough baked nibbles to get us through the next decade if needs be. Three weeks in, however, and we’re down to a lonely packet of Hobnobs. 

Our lack of willpower means that learning to make our own alternative treats is more important than ever. There are few better ways to improve morale than with something bite-sized and sugary, even if it’s virtually impossible to exercise any form of restraint once they are available. Fortunately for everyone, at least one home cook has taken matters into her own hands - providing a brilliant blueprint for self-sufficient snacking.

giant jaffa cake recipe Credit: Pixabay

Posting over the weekend, keen amateur baker Vanessa Cassidy revealed her recipe for a giant chocolate orange “Jaffa Cake” - taking inspiration from the famous McVities biscuit-come-cake of the same name. Using a blend of basic cake batter, orange jelly and melted chocolate, Cassidy’s recipe might be the ultimate way to indulge on a familiar favourite.

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Several media outlets have reported that the post appeared on the popular Facebook group Rate My Plate. However, many keen cooks reported that they were unable to find instructions for the recipe on Rate My Plate, with one writing, “I’ve been told that a giant Jaffa cake was made and posted on this page.. I can’t find it, can someone help me please!?”

Fortunately, Cassidy’s original post contains detailed instructions for the dish, alongside a series of illuminating photographs, explaining:

“A basic 100g butter sugar flour 2 eggs 1tsp baking powder and 1 packet of orange jelly and a packet of dark chocolate and da da a giant jaffa cake”

As if resisting biscuits wasn’t already hard enough, it looks like our powers of restraint are about to be put through an even greater test.