Woman shows how to make incredible homemade multicoloured pasta

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Anyone who calls pasta boring should, frankly, never be allowed to express an opinion on food ever again. That being said, there is something slightly tedious about the beige monotony of a typical supermarket pasta section. They might taste divine, but pasta shapes themselves can often represent an unassuming colour palette. 

Thankfully, however, one self-taught home cook is on a mission to change that. Enterprising pasta expert and rising social media star Fiona Afshar has carved out a niche, creating a range of extravagant and multi-coloured pasta designs for her nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram. If any account proves that pasta doesn’t have to be pallid, it’s Afshar’s. 

Afshar's creations feature everything from traditional spaghetti to incredibly complex traditional shapes such as stuffed ‘Caramelle’ and Sardinian ‘Culurgiones’. For any fan of Italian cooking, her account is an inspirational wonderland, filled with colourful treats and useful tips. 

In a wide-ranging interview with Insider, Afshar explained the routes behind her pasta obsession, as well as how she manages to create such an incredible range of bright colours. She revealed how she was initially inspired after watching a clip of legendary America chef Thomas Keller and decided to try it out for herself, adding, “I made it once and I was hooked."

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As a self-taught cook, Afshar is passionate about encouraging her followers to use what they have available to create their own incredible pasta. She explained that she herself is constantly experimenting, using everything from roasted vegetables to the spice rack to colour her designs. 

In addition to the inspirational photos that she posts to Instagram, Afshar also shares video content to her YouTube channel, which provides a much more detailed look at the ins and outs of proper pasta making. Besides pasta ideas, Afshar also includes baking advice, such as sourdough loaves and baguettes. 

As Afshar’s social media presence proves, pasta can be an incredible creative outlet. Even if it looks a little intimidating, it’s ultimately well worth getting stuck in. As she explained in the Insider interview, “Have patience. Pasta-making is fun, it’s playful, and it’s delicious! Don’t miss out on it.” The results, clearly, can be spectacular.