Woman shows how you can make your own 'one-ingredient' butter at home

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For understandable reasons, we’ve all got used to having our produce primed and ready to cook. Before the age of fridges and plastic packaging, rows and rows of pre-prepared cheese and meat would have felt like magic. Now, anything less feels needlessly old fashioned. 

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However, as our present difficulties are proving, it turns out that knowing how to make some of our favourite products from scratch is actually pretty useful. Eccentric foodies, spending hours nourishing their sourdough starters, were something of a punchline until a few weeks ago - now, they’re all the rage. 

Following the new trend of self-sufficient food production, one woman has taken to social media to show that independence doesn’t have to be limited to baking. In a recent TikTok post, London-based food blogger and content producer Georgie Halfacree showed how it’s possible to turn an expiring pot of double cream into delicious butter. 

As Halfacree explains in the clip, the only thing you need to complete the transformation is the cream itself. In the video, she advisers her followers to not “even think about binning double cream right now,” before sealing the contents of a pot in a “mason jar” and shaking until whipped.

Check out Georgie's technique here:

Once this stage has been reached, Halfacree shows how to separate the solid “butter” from the “butter milk”, leaving you with a solid lump at the bottom of the jar. Soak the butter in some cold water to remove any milk residue, and then put on a board to shape - it’s that simple!

As she’s shaping her freshly made butter with special “butter paddles” Halfacree explains that, while she adds salt, you can add any number of fresh herbs to spice up the flavour before spreading. If being thrifty with your dairy is something that appeals, this hack could be the ultimate isolation antidote.

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