Woman's picture of KFC meal sparks huge salty debate online

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The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to have an impact on nearly every area of our lives.

Earlier this year, many of us were left unable to work, unable to see friends and family, and even unable to leave our own homes. The disease also caused businesses around the world to shut their doors - leaving people unable to visit their favourite shops, theme parks, zoos, and bars.

But perhaps the most devastating of all was the closure of our favourite fast-food restaurants.

However, with restaurants all over the world slowly reopening, many of us are finally able to once again enjoy our favourite comfort food - from Big Macs to Whoppers.

Speaking of KFC debates, this Zinger Popcorn commercial certainly got tongues wagging:

One woman who decided to treat herself to a KFC meal was Sydney-native Brooke Micallef.

Now, we all have different tastes, and after sharing an image of her meal to Facebook, Micallef's post ignited a debate about how what is the right amount of salt you should have on your fries.

Micallef captioned the image: "Now when I say extra extra extra salt this wtf I mean!!!!!! I wanna choke on the salt, I want it to look like it’s snowing!!!! S/O KFC Penrith"

Since being shared to the social media site on Saturday (June 6), the post has since received more than 2.8K reactions and 5.8K shares.

But people were left divided on the amount of salt Brooke enjoyed on her fries.

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Facebook user Calvin Bykiw commented: "That is exactly the right amount of salt."

Whereas Kyale Raiwhara disagreed, writing: "ewwww - might as well eat the salt by itself".

Per news.com.au, one person shared the post writing: "This happened to me last week; my kids wouldn't eat it."

While another added: "That’s way too much, even for me."

But another Facebook user sharing the salty post joked: "The perfect chips don’t exi…"

Are you the sort of person who finds this amount of salt perfectly acceptable or do you think Micallef went overboard on the salt? Let us know in the comments section!

This article originally appeared on VT.co