WWE ice cream bars are finally making a comeback

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It’s long been the dream of many a nerdy nine-year-old to unify wrestling and ice cream. Due to circumstances outside of their control, an entire generation of young WWE fans has never known the simple joy of biting into a frozen treat embossed with Hulk Hogan’s face. Fortunately, this is about to change. 

After years of intense lobbying from the dessert-loving wrestling fanbase, the WWE has finally relented and agreed to bring back their wildly popular ice cream bars. From the 80s through to the 2000s, these goodies were the ultimate way for fans to indulge after dinner before they were inexplicably removed from shelves. Now, like The Undertaker, they’ve risen from the grave. 

The new-look wrestling ice creams are currently being sold by ice cream specialists Good Humor. Though they differ dramatically from the originals, most notably lacking a stick and chocolate layer, there’s no doubting that the bars are back. 

Watch as John Cena admits to getting 'accidental boner' during WWE wrestling matches:

According to the Good Humor website:

“Good Humor Frozen Dairy Dessert Sandwich packs plenty of creamy vanilla-flavored goodness between two vanilla wafers. Easy to hold and eat, this frozen dairy treat is the perfect size for little hands and less messy than other ice cream treats and ice cream bars.”

“Each cookie sandwich is printed with one of four wrestling super stars, making this a great dessert for wrestling fans. This frozen snack is a kid-friendly favorite and a great option for those who like frozen desserts like ice pops, creamsicles, fudge bars and other fun classics.”

It’s been a battle to get the ice cream bars back on the market, in any form. They even became part of a WWE plotline in 2011, when wrestler CM Punk tried to get their return included in his contract during an arena-based debate with WWE CEO Vince McMahon. 

CM Punk’s enthusiasm was echoed by fans, who started a petition on Change.org asking for the ice creams to return. Here’s hoping that both wrestlers and wrestling fans alike are happy with this latest tasty development.