You can get a "Twix Frappuccino" off the Starbucks "secret menu"

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The Starbucks secret menu is a magical labyrinth of mythical coffee cocktails and irritating orders. If ever there was a sentence designed to strike fear into the heart of the sturdiest barista, it would be something along the lines of, “So I saw this thing online…” You can already sense the dread. 

Many of the most famous so-called secret menu drinks are a product of the zeitgeist. Before Summer 2017, the prospect of a “Pennywise Frappuccino” was about as likely as a third “Bad Boys” movie. However, for all the flash-in-the-pan coffee creations, some of the secret menu remains as timeless as it is tasty.

Thanks the creativity of a few enterprising chocolate fans, there is a relatively straightforward way to take your frap to the next level. Instead of settling for the standard topping of whipped cream and, it’s possible to recreate the taste of one of the world’s most iconic chocolate bars in just a few simple steps. Move over, Pennywise. The “Twix Frappuccino” is here.

Despite not containing any actual Twix bars, the sweet drink is a pretty spot-on replica of the real thing. Happily, popular hack site Totally The Bomb have provided a handy guide to ordering. To get your hands on one, you should:

“First, start off by ordering a Caramel Frappuccino in the size of your choice… Next, add 2 pumps of Hazelnut syrup. Then ask for extra Java Chips (the more the better)... Top it all off with Caramel and Mocha drizzle, then BAM! Ya got yourself a Twix Frappuccino!!”

If the reaction on Instagram is anything to go by, the results are pretty spectacular. One happy customer shared a photo of the drink, accompanied by the caption, “Birthday treat with a sweet little message from @starbucks! ? Also, this Twix Frappuccino is so very delicious...definitely worth a try!” Judging by the jealous comments, they won’t be the only ones ordering.