You can get cherry-flavoured Dr Pepper dessert-topper syrup

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As every over-excited eight-year-old knows, the only thing better than ice cream is ice cream covered in something dark and sticky. Say what you like about the merits of chocolate vs vanilla, coat either of them in some sort of syrup and you’re onto a winner. 

Fortunately for anyone with a sweet tooth, it’s not just ice cream makers who have realised this dessert rule. Thanks to soft drink specialists Dr Pepper, you can now create your very own soda sundaes, drizzled with a cherry-flavoured dessert-topper. The end of dinner just got much more exciting. 

Available via Amazon, the “naturally and artificially flavoured syrup” certainly threatens to change the game for desserts everywhere. According to the official product description on the website, the condiment allows you to “Indulge your sweet side with the amazingly smooth taste of Dr Pepper Cherry...Drizzle it on your favourite desserts for a one-of-a-kind experience!” Sign us up.

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Even though the idea of a Dr Pepper drizzle is obviously extremely exciting, this particular innovation seems to have slipped under the radar. According to Amazon, bottles have actually been available for a few years, but for some reason haven’t made the splash you might expect. 

Dr Pepper dessert topper Credit: Amazon

However, for the most part, those that have managed to get their hands on the syrup seem to be pretty pleased with the results. The 340ml bottles score a solid four out of five on Amazon, and dozens of positive comments can be found among the reviews. As one happy customer put it:

“Bought this for my husband along with some other DP brand items for a themed bday party. I honestly didn't expect him to like it, it was just an extra item to go along with the theme. Boy was I wrong, He Loves It! He is a die hard Dr. Pepper fan and he said it tasted great poured over vanilla ice cream."

With summer fast approaching, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your ice cream.