You can get ghost pepper-dusted strawberries for Valentine's Day

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The ideal Valentine’s celebration should obviously be hot, but there are limits. Even if you and your partner score a “cold fish” on the physical intimacy scale, no one wants to spend February 14th strawpedoing pints of milk as you try to clamp your mouth over a bag of frozen peas. There’s rekindling romance, and then there’s covering it in kerosene.

In an effort to help couples everywhere crank up the heat, gift merchant Edible Arrangements is encouraging its customers to try some seriously explosive sweet treats. Alongside its usual collection of chocolate-covered fruit and sickly-sweet stuffed bears, the company is selling a selection of ghost-pepper covered strawberries. What better way to say “I love you” than melting your beloved’s tongue?

The new ‘gift’ has been aptly named the "Love on Fire" box, as per a press release provided by the company, and described as “The hottest thing to hit your lips this Valentine's Day”. Most purchasers will probably be hoping this is true - for the sake of personal safety if nothing else. 

Check out our recipe for a Giant Valentine's Strawberry Eclair:

Retailing at $19.99 and available from the 10th of February, the box contains six individual strawberries, each dipped in a “semisweet” chocolate, before being liberally sprinkled with ghost pepper flakes. Measuring at over 1 million SHU, the ghost pepper is around 100 times hotter than a jalapeno and likely to sting more than the aftermath of an ill-advised romantic congress. 

In an interview accompanying the press release, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Edible Arrangements Scott Wakeman revealed:

"With Valentine's Day being one of our most popular holidays, we wanted to kick it up a notch this year with our 'Love on Fire' box. We're excited to bring together the spiciness of the ghost pepper alongside the sweetness of our fresh fruit to create a unique twist and give our customers a truly HOT gift this Valentine's Day."  

Privately, he’ll probably be hoping he strikes a chord with the masochistic strawberry-loving community. At least they’ll be guaranteed to get a kick out of the experience.