You can get heart-shaped chicken nuggets for Valentine's Day

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You can’t find love at the bottom of a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne. As every true romantic knows, proper edible expressions of affection have to be deep-fried and covered in breadcrumbs. It’s one of the lesser-known laws of courtship. 

Of course, there are plenty of salty, crispy options on the table for the amorous diner, which can make decision making slightly confusing. Thankfully, at least one supermarket has decided to step up to the plate with the most romantic chicken dish since Colonel Saunders started wooing his second wife. 

Credit: Aldi

Available at Aldi from the 11th of February, lovestruck nugget fans can finally kill two birds with one stone with the release of the store’s new heart-shaped chicken bites. The specially designed meat bits might not immediately scream “eternal devotion”, but as McDonald’s fans will agree, there’s nothing more welcome than a plate of snack-sized chicken pieces. 

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In a press release to accompany the new nuggets, the supermarket states: 

“If you’re looking to dine-in this Valentine’s Day, serve your sweetheart Aldi’s Chicken Love Nuggets (350g, £1.99). That’s right, everyone’s favourite chicken bites have arrived at Aldi for the romantic season ahead.  

“But what makes these nugs so special? They’ve been suitably shaped into a love heart to add even more romance to your night in. What’s more, the nuggets have been made using only the best tender white chicken meat, all lovingly snuggled into a crisp breadcrumb, producing the perfect crunch.”

Credit: Aldi

In addition to the extremely affordable £1.99 price tag, the nuggets can also be cooked to crispy perfection in just 12 minutes, making them an excellent option if you’d like to keep your evening free for other, non-chicken related activities. If you’re not a fan of French bistros and can’t be doing with candles and a glass of Cabernet, these new nugs might inadvertently be a brilliant solution.