You can get paid $3,500 to eat and review cheese

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If you were forced to come up with a list of awesome imaginary jobs, “Paid Cheese Eater” would be pretty near the top of the tree. Not only would you be able to spend Monday mornings slathering biscuits with buttery manchego, but you’d also be bringing home the bacon for the privilege. Such perfect careers don’t exist. Or so we thought.

Thanks to an offer from New York-based snacksperts Whisps, one lucky cheese lover could receive the role of a lifetime, joining the company as its brand new Cheese Executive Officer. The brief is simple. Use your expertise to eat and advise your way through artisan cheeseboards and new designs to help Whisps shape the future of cheesy snacking. Sign me up. 

As a member of the company’s “Cheese Board”, the chosen candidate will receive monthly shipments of Whisps Cheese Crisps, as well as quarterly deliveries of specially crafted artisan cheese selections. In addition to the cheese, the role also includes a $1500 stipend, $2,000 cash and a suggested itinerary for attending the 2022 Cheese Championship. 

The Cheese Executive Officer gig is equally exciting for anyone interested in the nuts and bolts of cheese making, as well as the eating. The role allows you to develop new skills, including training from an artisan cheesemonger and a virtual cheese pairing class.

Take an exclusive look inside Camden's "The Cheese Bar":

In an open letter to any would-be applicants, Whisps’ CEO explained:

“My whole life I’ve dreamed for a job that would pay me to eat cheese. So excited to pass along my dream to you. This will no doubt be a fun and delicious competition. Looking forward to seeing your applications and welcoming our new expert taster.”

Applicants can throw their hat into the ring via the Whisps website, provided that they’re over the age of 21 and “a true cheese fanatic”. Frankly, anyone who isn’t over-excited about this opportunity should take a hard look in the mirror.