You Can Now Buy A 1-Pound Shaker Of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Powder

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Mac and cheese might just be the ultimate comfort food. Not only is it basically impossible to screw it up, but it is also gloriously and unambiguously inelegant. Even pizza can sometimes look a little overrefined, whereas mac and cheese always looks like a hot gloopy mess - whether it was cooked by Gordon Ramsay or your five-year-old niece. 

This is the reason why ingredients that would ruin other, more sophisticated dishes somehow serve to make mac and cheese even more glorious. Case in point, the fluorescent yellow enigma that is Kraft. 

For almost four decades, the iconic blue box has been lending midweek mac and cheese’s their distinctively processed, yet irresistibly delicious flavour. It’s been as much a part of growing up as refusing to eat vegetables. Now, thanks to a new release from the powers that be, cooks everywhere can give their dishes an extra Krafty kick. 

Check out our awesome recipe for Mac And Cheese Tattertots:

On sale now at American home goods store BJ’s and Amazon, shoppers can now get their hands on a 1-pound shaker of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Powder. According to the description on the BJ’s website, the $6.99 tub contains:

“(A)ll the iconic taste of Kraft Cheese Sauce you love for any dish. Sauce it or sprinkle it, this bottle of delicious powdered cheese is perfect for topping popcorn, vegetables and so much more. Made with no artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes, your kids will love the added flavor from this cheesy topping. Movie night just got a whole lot cheesier.”

Although the release is obviously a big win for American-based pasta obsessives, there’s no news yet on whether the shaker will ultimately become available more widely. Mac fans everywhere will doubtless be holding their breath. Honestly, who can blame them?