You can now buy a candle that smells like a McDonald's cheeseburger

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Fast food joints aren’t always the most hospitable of environments. While the neon glow of the Golden Arches are welcome relief to anyone feeling the worse for wear at four in the morning, most people aren’t at their most comfortable perched on a plastic stool, surrounded by greasy wrappers. Of course, as with anything, there are exceptions. For anyone who feels that the oily waft of a McDonald’s kitchen is the most homely smell on earth, there is a newly released domestic accessory that could be a total game changer.

Courtesy of Australian shopping website Grey Lines, diehard Maccies fans can now get their hands on the world’s first ever McDonald’s cheeseburger-scented candle. The gift that promises to turn bath times everywhere into a meaty sweat-fest, the new product has been christened “The Maccas Run,” after the infamous eponymous southern hemisphere quest for fast food.

Retailing for $29.95 AUD (around $21 US), the candle definitely doesn’t come cheap. However, anyone who picks one up will be able to enjoy the lingering smell of beef, bun, onions, ketchup, mustard, pickle and cheese for all of the waxy cylinder’s 30-hour burn time. It certainly promises to leave a lasting impression.

Despite what might seem like a limited appeal, Grey Lines can be fairly confident that their candle will make some waves in a competitive market. As a prelude to this month’s release, the business pre released a limited batch of “Maccas Run” candles at the end of last year. A McDonald’s mad public ensured that the product sold out a matter of weeks after first coming on the market. There’s no reason to suspect that it won’t receive a similar reception this time around.

In many ways, the decision to branch out into fast food themed chandling might seem slightly odd. However, Grey Lines’ latest product is not without precedent. Last year, KFC introduced their own gravy-scented luminescence to an unsuspecting public, with wild success. Only being available as part of a limited run, this particular candle sold out within a matter of days. Although Grey Lines’ alternative is not an official franchise affiliated release, it certainly seems that the company are intent on ploughing the same flaming furrow.

Even though Grey Lines are an Australia-based business, international candle fanciers will be relieved to learn that the new product will be available for international shipping. To make matters more exciting, the new cheeseburger version isn’t the only flavoured flame available. Other Grey Lines scented candles include “Bacon”, “Garlic Bread” and “Mi Goreng”. Other more intangible tastes cover “Girls’ Night In”, “Man Cave” and “Fiery Attitude Like Cardi B”. Whichever way you look at it, there’s a candle for everyone.