You can now buy an entire Christmas dinner in a blanket

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It's now mere days until Christmas Day itself is upon us, and still, brands are jockeying for position in the wildly overcrowded Christmas food market.

Aldi surged into an early lead in the festive fare stakes, launching a plethora of weird and wonderful products including a candy cane liqueur, a wine advent calendar and a two-metre long pig in blanket.

Earlier this year in Aldi, there was pandemonium after shoppers tussled over Kevin the Carrot toys:

Bold? Excessive? Aggressively Christmassy? You bet.

We've also had news of a grinch-themed holiday cookie from Nestlé Toll House, and this truly excellent Buddy the Elf holiday wreath.

Credit: Etsy

Yet still, our voracious appetite for all things festive does not appear to have abated. Just today, news emerged from the good folk at Krispy Kreme that they would be reinstating their popular Gingerbread Glazed donut flavour from now until Christmas Eve. And now, Lidl has waded into the fray, with news of an entire Christmas dinner in a blanket.

Containing turkey, stuffing, shredded sprouts and cranberry sauce encased in a bacon blanket, the meaty offering is sure to be a hit with those who simply cannot get enough Christmas dinner. Or bacon. Take a look at the succulent serving:

Looks good, right?

Well, it gets even better. The substantial festive offering is apparently sufficient to serve a family of five. It also looks perfect for a Christmas party or gathering, or maybe as a snack in between meals...

It also sounds like it would be well accompanied by some light Prosecco to wash it all down with. Or, of course, you could hop on over to Aldi to get your hands on some of their candy cane gin liqueur.

Basically, the message seems to be that, this Christmas, it's time to totally overwhelm yourself with the frankly absurd number of festive-themed products, and then spend January and February staring at your bank balance, wondering where it all went.

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