You can now buy packs of 'red only' or 'blue only' Sour Patch Kids

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In any pick-and-mix style candy treat, it's easy to pick favourites. If you're sharing a pack with someone, you've got to be careful they don't up and steal every last one of the tastiest sweets before you get a chance to have any of them. Now I think about it, I think 99% of my sibling arguments probably came down to that...

Luckily, you won't be suffering the same arguments with the Sour Patch Kids anymore, if you're lucky enough to bag one of their latest limited edition packs.

The Sour Patch Kids have just announced the release of special 'Just Red' and 'Just Blue' bags of the sweet and sour candies, with new packs splitting off some of the best flavours for those who aren't looking for variety in their sweets.

If you're looking for that specific flavour each time, you'll have to head down to participating 7-Eleven locations to grab one of the single-flavour bags.

"we’re buying 6 of these....5 to eat and 1 to save for nostalgia purposes to show later generations that our civilization is possible of great things" Instagram user christianfbello wrote after hearing the news, while hey_hey_raee wrote: "YALL THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! FINALLY! MY FAVORITE FLAVORS! ?"

However, there were some fans who were wondering why the red and blue colours were getting priority when their favourites were falling under the radar.

Where's the love for the lime green flavour, orange, or lemon yellow? They might be on the way, but it isn't soon enough for some people.

"Y’all gonna release only green?" user salaomi wrote. "please make an orange pack!!!!!!" laura_burnside commented.

Sour Patch Kids aren't exactly the first brand to release packs of candy with only one flavour from their usual mix. In 2017, Starburst released a limited-edition all-pink strawberry packs of its candy, setting aside the yellow, orange, and red flavours.

Hopefully all these limited-edition packs become more permanent - then we can have even more choice!

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