You can now buy pre-made Jell-O shots in a giant 24-pack

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If you're someone who likes alcohol in small doses, then listen up because it appears that Costco is now selling pre-made Jell-O shots in a giant 24-pack!

And it seems that the warehouse store is offering the Jell-O shots in the following flavors: Blue Raspberry, Grape, and Watermelon and Strawberry. Plus considering the Jello-Shots are made with vodka and contain 12.5 percent ABV, they're the perfect pre-drinks buy.

This sunrise jello cake may not have any alcohol in it - but it is made with yummy Capri Sun! Check out how to make the dessert, courtesy of Twisted:

The product first came to our attention when Costco Buys, an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the latest products available at Costco stores, posted an image of the Jell-O shots.

"You guys, look how fun these Shotty’s party ready gelatin shots are!" Costco Buys wrote in the caption. "A follower shared this with me and these aren’t in my Costco, so I don’t have a price or item number...have you guys seen these in your Costco?"

Needless to say, the post caught many people's attention.

One user was keen to promptly get her hands on the product, tagging a friend to ask: "should we buy these tomorrow," alongside a laughing-crying emoji.

Another user also tagged a friend, writing: "did you get your membership the other day? This is right up your alley!"

A third user bemoaned the fact that she, unfortunately, "won’t see them in Pennsylvania."

Credit: Instagram / Costco Buys

Credit: Instagram / Costco Buys

Credit: Instagram / Costco Buys

In any case, these Jell-O shots certainly aren't the only vodka-based treats Costco has to offer!

Last year, Instagram account Costco Deals found "vodka pops" on store shelves. They're essentially ice pops that contain the spirit. They sound totally delicious and better yet, they're fairly low in calories.

And again, fans couldn't contain their excitement in the comments, with one user writing: "They have it Costco Everett MA , they so yummy."

Credit: Instagram

Credit: Instagram

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