You can now get a 5-litre keg of espresso martini delivered to your door

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If the last few weeks of panic buying have taught us anything, it’s that people are intent on stocking up on things that don’t totally make sense. Why everyone is padding out their bathrooms with enough toilet paper to service an incontinent elephant is anyone’s guess. 

However, for the more discerning self-isolator, there are plenty of options for making the next few months so much more than a bum-wiping marathon. If you look beyond the barren pasta shelves and think creatively, there are supplies available that would make even the most manic hoarder pause for thought. For example, this keg of espresso martini. 

espresso martini keg Credit: Amazon

The alcoholic vat, which is currently available on Amazon, is described as “A perfect gift for all coffee lovers,” and “ideal for all occasions.” Featuring a “Rich blend of coffee finished with premium vodka,” the self-tapped 5L keg certainly offers an unorthodox way to cope with a crisis.

Each barrel, which contains 11% ABV, is allegedly “a perfect size keg for a fridge”, and comes with 35 servings of espresso martini. Retailing for £110, the giant container ultimately works out as about £3.15 per serving - definite value for money if you consider some exorbitant cocktail prices.

Check out our recipe for a Black Forest Espresso Martini:

The keg itself was created by innovative alcohol company “Giraffe Cocktail”, who evidently aren’t afraid to offer their clientele something a little out of the ordinary. Also available on Amazon are 5L kegs of “Pornstar Martini”, as well as 3.5L beer tower drink dispensers, tumblers, T-Shirts and much more.

At the time of writing, there are only 12 of the espresso kegs left in stock, so prospective customers will have to motor if they want to make the most of espresso martini on tap. These are trying times for everyone, but at least there are a few rays of sunshine to be found on the internet.