You can now get a candle that smells exactly like Mountain Dew

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If the cloying, sickly scent of a spilled can of soda is what you want percolating through your house, we may have the ideal gift for you.

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Thanks to novelty wax specialists 716CandleCo, avid video gamers who are also fond of a long soak in the bath finally have a flame to cater to their needs, with the introduction of a Mountain Dew-flavoured candle. Who says energy drinks can’t also be relaxing?

The unusual product, which is housed inside an upcycled Mountain Dew can with the sharp edges smoothed down, is made with 100% soy wax and has over “40 hours of burn time,” according to the official product description. There is also, for anyone who’s inexplicably weight-conscious about what they smell, a Diet Dew version. All this can be yours for just $15. 

Despite the candle’s unusual contents, reaction to the product seems to be overwhelmingly positive. On the Etsy website, where the candle can be purchased, it’s described as “guaranteed to brighten any room while also filling it with an amazing smell”. It also has a 5-star rating from over 500 reviews, suggesting that it lives up to expectation. 

One review, dated from January this year, states:

“Bought this as a gift and it was better than expected. They literally thought it was gag gift until they noticed the candle!”

Another adds:

“Shipping was fast, candle smells exactly like Mountain Dew, and candle design was exactly as anticipated - a perfect gift for any Mountain Dew fanatic!”

If Mountain Dew doesn’t tickle your wick, 716CandleCo have other options available on Etsy. In their soda range, customers can also choose from flavours as diverse as “Dr Pepper”, “Pepsi” and “A&W Root Beer”. If you fancy being even more unorthodox, options like “Guinness” and “Fireball Whisky” are also available. Your house will be smelling like a well-stocked nightclub in no time.

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