You can now get a donut bouquet delivered for Valentine's Day

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Nothing says “I love you” quite like a sugary bouquet. Flowers are fine, but comparing a tulip with something springy, ringed and covered in icing sugar is absolutely no contest. Fortunately, getting your hands on something romantic and delicious has never been easier. 

Last year, premium food retailer Harry and David made headlines with their striking yet sophisticated bunch of donuts. Served in luminous pink paper, complete with a golden bow, the desserts were soon being shipped to amorous customers across the country. Now, in 2020, they’re back. 

Retailing for between $49.99 and $69.99, the tasty gift does not come cheap. However, given the bang you get for buck, the price tag could well be worth it. According to the description on the Harry and David website:

“Each of the miniature donuts on this bouquet are dipped in either dark or white chocolate before being topped with chocolate drizzle and candy toppings.”

Watch as this bride ditched the flowers and carried a bouquet of donuts:

The entire arrangement consists of one pink-tinted white chocolate-covered decorated with white drizzle, two white chocolate-covered decorated with pink drizzle or mini heart sprinkles, four milk chocolate-covered decorated with mini heart sprinkles or pink drizzle, and three dark chocolate-covered decorated with mini heart sprinkles or pink drizzle. Even though it’s the thought that counts, this number of chocolate-drizzled delicacies probably won’t go amiss. 

Since the popular Harry and David bouquets are only available in the United States, there’s an appreciable danger that British donut fans may be left empty-handed. Fortunately, there is an alternative. 

Open for deliveries across inner London, Donut Bouquets offer an almost identical service to Harry and David. It might not quite have the coverage of its American counterpart, but it’s definitely better than going donut-free on February 14th.