You can now get a Frank's RedHot Sauce that combines Buffalo and Ranch

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While the more sophisticated condiment connoisseurs might prefer to keep their flavours separate, the rest of us agree that blending all our favourite sauces in a thick brown potion is more than acceptable. Ketchup and mayo on their own are fine. Bring them together, and you make something magical. 

Of course, some combinations work better than others. Nobody’s gagging for a mustard/sweet chilli/barbecue mashup any time soon. But, for every horrible sounding mixture, there’s at least one other that’s pure genius. Thankfully, the sauce masters at Frank’s RedHot have found one such formula. 

In news that has the whole internet abuzz, the world’s favourite hot sauce provider has raised the bar for condiment combinations with a blend of buffalo and ranch. Dubbed “Frank’s RedHot Buffalo ‘n Ranch Thick Sauce”, the dip is described as “the ultimate blend of flavor and heat from Frank's RedHot Sauce and the creaminess from ranch dressing,” according to Frank’s own website. Strong words, but we can believe it.

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The new product was first brought to the public’s attention by popular Instagram account @dadbodsnacks, who captioned a photo of the bottle:

“Looks like @franksredhot is making a push this year too! @lays chips, now some #new sauces and seasonings! I’m TOTALLY good with this. I found that one bottle of thick flavor at my local @angelocaputosfreshmarkets if you’re looking. But I imagine many walmarts and other stores should have these soon. What do you think of Franks Red Hot??”

Reactions were predictably excitable, with several one commenters adding, “franks red hot sauce is TOO hot for me, but this might be the way to go. I love ranch.” 

Even if you’re a sauce purist, it’s hard not to get a little hot under the collar about a condiment that sounds this good on paper. We’ll be ready, wing in hand.