You can now get a glass toaster so you'll never burn your toast again

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Whether it is my weekly big shop for an absolute bargain or something from the middle aisles I never needed, budget supermarket Adli always seems to have my back.

Now, they're launching a product that will finally put an end to burnt breakfasts, bread wastage, and waving a tea towel underneath the fire alarm.

Introducing the Ambiano Glass Toaster - a toaster with a glass side panel so you can keep a close eye on your breakfast, ensuring you never cremate the bread.

Per the product's description on the official Aldi website:

"Take the guess work out of toasting with this Ambiano Glass Toaster. With its easy-to-use design, it incorporates a removable glass window that allows you to view the browning level of your toast as it cooks, so that perfect slice is only minutes away every time.

"With 6 settings, a removable crumb tray for easy cooking, reheat, frost and cancel functions in a modern silver and glass design, give your kitchen the refresh it's been begging for with this amazing toaster."

And if you're worried that the toaster won't match the rest of your kitchen countertop appliances, well fear not, because Aldi is also selling a matching glass kettle!

The kettle's description states: "See what’s going on inside with this stylish Ambiano 1.7 Litre Glass Kettle. Made from high quality Schott glass, this kettle features an easy-to-lift 360° connector with easy-to-read water level indicators. The funky blue light illuminates the boiling water and the 1.7 litre capacity means you can make up to 7 cups of tea in one go!"

Both the Ambiano Glass Toaster and the Ambiano Glass Kettle are available to pre-order on the Aldi website, and will be available in-store from May 31. The toaster is currently listed at £24.99, and the kettle is available for £19.99.

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