You can now get a 'Mini Table-Top Pizza Oven' for your kitchen

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Cook at home pizza is about much more than a sad-looking Goodfella’s or floppy wedge of Pizza Ristorante, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got a long way to go. Even the wealth of intricately prepared artisanal sourdough bases can’t quite hold a candle to something hand made and cooked in a proper pizza oven. This often makes domestic pizza-eating more disappointing than delicious. 

However, for anyone frustrated by the lack of tangy char on a frozen DiGiorno’s, we may have found you the perfect solution. Say goodbye to stodgy, undercooked pies, thanks to the Artesà Terracotta Mini Table-Top Pizza Oven. Chicago Town, eat your heart out. 

Credit: Amazon

Designed to make proper home pizza-making easier than ever, the mini pizza oven is perfect for entertaining a group of Italian enthusiasts. Available on Amazon for just £32.99, the gadget encourages communal dining, allowing anyone using it to cook and create their own pies as well as upgrading something premade. As the official description states

“With a simple switch in roles, Artesà's table-top pizza oven totally refashions the dinner party rules. It immerses your diners in the cooking of their own exquisite little entrée pizzas and flatbreads direct at the dinner table.

“In fact, it works just like a rustic, old-fashioned pizza oven, but on a smaller scale. Its metal base conducts heat from the burners, while the terracotta lid traps it – baking your mini pizzas, individual flat breads and garlic bread slices to perfection. Delizio!”

Credit: Amazon

Fuelled by a special gel as opposed to gas or charcoal, the pizza oven can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on your mood and the weather. If you’re looking for a way to take your pizza experience to the next level without leaving your house, this gadget ticks pretty much all the boxes.