You can now get a ranch-stuffed crust buffalo chicken pizza

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As much as it might pain sports fans, during the Super Bowl, the game is almost incidental. While watching millionaires fight over a marroon dinosaur egg can occasionally be entertaining, it’s hard to care too much about what’s happening on the pitch when you’re surrounded by some of the tastiest treats imaginable. If it’s a toss-up between Tom Brady and barbecue chicken wings, I know which one I’d rather pay attention to. 

Perhaps in recognition of Americans’ love of gorging themselves as others run around for their entertainment, the nations food producers have come up with countless numbers of excuses to overindulge. The country’s annual obsession with chicken wings is well documented. However, this year, there is another, significantly more carby option to keep fans entertained. 

Check out our recipe for Barbecue Chicken Quesadilla Pizza:

Courtesy of frozen food moguls DiGiorno, sofa-based Super Bowl viewers will now be able to enjoy the game alongside a pizza that combines everything great about NFL eating. The new pie features a stuffed crust made with ranch sauce, as well as a buffalo chicken topping drizzled with tangy buffalo sauce. It’s like wings and pizza had a delicious love child. 

Credit: Walmart

The official product description on the Walmart website describes the pizza as:

“Spicy and cool! This buffalo style chicken pizza gets the perfect complement of ranch flavor with a crust stuffed with ranch seasoning along with 2-1/2 feet of hot, melty cheese!”

Retailing for just $7.78, it’s certainly a good way to stock up on Super Bowl-centric flavours if you’re on a budget. 

According to an article in Thrillist, the pizzas are also available at Target, as well as other local grocers, potentially for an even more affordable price than the $7.78 listed on the Walmart website. Regardless where you’re picking up your pizza, this year’s Super Bowl looks set to be more delicious than ever.