You can now get beignets filled with Fireball whisky

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Nothing says “holiday” like an alcoholic doughnut. If you ever have the inclination to overindulge but aren’t quite sure how best to go about it, the combination of deep-fried pastry and liquor might well be your best bet. It’s hard to claim you aren’t fully relaxed when you have a mouthful of fluffy, fermented sugar. 

Anyone on the lookout for a treat this excessive could be forgiven for heading to the more clandestine corners of the Foodieverse. But, as it turns out, getting your hands on a spirit-soaked doughnut is much more straightforward than you might expect. All you have to do is eat at Disney World. 

Earth’s most salubrious mouse-centric theme park has a history of providing a range of extravagant dishes that have no business being used as a pre-rollercoaster stomach settler. The amount of mac and cheese available, for example, is both legendary and slightly daunting. However, it is at the resort’s Port Orleans French Quarter where things really get out of hand, in the form of Fireball whisky-filled beignets. 

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The dish, which is officially known as the Red Hot Beignet after the popular cinnamon sweets, features a pocket of soft dough, coated in a handful of crushed candies and a sticky-sweet sauce. A syringe of Fireball whisky is then served alongside the treats, designed to be injected into the centre, according to the diner’s preference. 

According to the popular Disney Food Blog, the treats are currently selling at Scat Cat Lounge for $9.99 for two beignets, and are also available for $2.99 each without the whisky. So kids can enjoy the fun without becoming accidental underage alcoholics, the beignets are also being made in a Mickey Mouse-shaped mould, also sans Fireball needle. 

Although the whisky doughnuts are definitely an unorthodox choice, they aren’t the only outrageous option on the Scat’s Club menu. The eatery also allows customers to upgrade their beignets with their choice of Baileys, Kahlúa, or RumChata, meaning that there are even more options for mixing your drinks than you’d expect. It might be an unusual approach, but you’d be hard-pressed to deny it doesn’t sound interesting.