You Can Now Get Biscoff Sandwich Cookies Filled With Chocolate, Vanilla or Caramel Cream

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Now that we’re all spending infinitely more time at home, what we keep in our regularly accessed cookie jars is a hot topic. While many people might like to stick with something traditionally adept at dunking into an afternoon cup of tea, others might prefer to be a little more adventurous. As it turns out, these people are in luck. 

New for 2020, the world’s favourite enigmatically caramel-flavoured biscuit has decided to branch out into territory traditionally occupied by Oreos and Bourbons. According to multiple reports, Lotus Biscoff is planning to release a range of new stuffed sandwich cookies, filled with chocolate, vanilla and caramel cream. 

Already available in Belgium, the new biscuits were already mooted back in 2019, when the brand promised to continue “working hard on product innovation” and teased a first look at the design. 

As per Tyla, the 150g, 15-biscuit packs will be first stocked in British supermarket Tesco before a more extensive roll-out to other retailers - hopefully ensuring that you won’t have to wait long to try them, wherever you shop. 

Even though the new snacks have yet to officially hit stores, the excitement is palpable. As one excited Twitterer put it:

“There’s a game changer on the way. Launched this week pick up the NEW Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Cookies containing vanilla,biscoff spread or milk chocolate flavour fillings. These will be launched at TESCO first so keep your eyes peeled on your weekly shop” 

This was supported by popular Instagram account @SnackinSaudi, who shared a photo of the biscuits with the accompanying caption:

“PREPARE TO LOSE YOUR MINDS!! Lotus Bakeries in Belgium is launching a NEW sandwich cookie range that will be available in three cream flavors: Biscoff Cream; Milk Chocolate flavor; and Vanilla flavor. The GCC’s favorite cookie now comes in a unique crunchy form with a flavorful, creamy heart. These have launched in Belgium and will launch in France and the UK next week, and should finally arrive in the GCC by the end of the year!”

Even if you don’t consider yourself a true snack-fiend, the prospect of three new stuffed Lotus Biscoff’s is surely something to get excited about.