You can now get breaded SPAM burger patties

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In the probable post-climate crisis hell-scape, the mysterious meat product known as SPAM could well become as valuable as drinking water. Surprisingly tasty and nigh on indestructible, there’s a reason why the tongue-coloured pork tins have become such a cult ingredient around the world.

In fact, original SPAM has proved so popular in some quarters that it’s viewed even more fondly than its fresh, laughably perishable, fleshy counterparts. You haven’t really had a holiday to Hawaii unless you’ve partaken in a few mouthfuls of SPAM musubi. Sushi, eat your heart out. 

However, even loyal fans in the Pacific may struggle to get their heads around this latest innovation from SPAM HQ. Alongside their classic, fuss-free cooked ham product, the famous pork brand has decided to introduce a new member of the SPAMily, in the form of “Breaded Pork SPAM patties”.

According to the few posts that have appeared on social media discussing the product, the new tins are currently retailing at Costco. Containing “9 Servings”, the imagery on the packaging suggests stuffing the crumb-covered rectangles inside a burger bun, creating one of the most mould-resistant sandwiches to ever hit the streets.

A report from Foodbeast suggests that the tins are an “entirely new product” since there seems to be precious little information available online, though the site also claims that 27-ounce packs are currently retailing for a little under $10. 

These reports also appear to be confirmed by Instagram account @costcohiddengems, who shared a photo of the tins with the caption: 

“One of the most polarizing foods in America : SPAM! Now there’s a new way to love/hate it in the freezer section at #Costco... Breaded and Fried #Spam! Not gonna lie.. I’m all about that spam #musubi and #katsudon rice bowl pictured in the back.”

Time will tell whether the whole world will soon be able to tuck into an entirely new tinned pork dish. Whether or not that’s a good thing is also up in the air.