You can now get Celebrations boxes with Mini Milky Way Crispy Rolls

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Out of the whole cornucopia of delicious chocolatey gift boxes, Celebrations are undoubtedly the king. Free from the misfires that dog rivals like Roses and Quality Street, Celebrations deliver bite after bite of awesomeness. There isn’t a dud in the selection. Except for Galaxy Caramel. Those things suck. 

Given the line-up’s legendary status, making any changes at all is a risky business. The last thing you want to do is piss off Snickers fans. But, according to multiple reports across social media, the powers that be at Mars, Inc. may have come up with an addition that takes Celebrations into the stratosphere. 

As several now-viral photos have shown, British retailer B&M is now selling Celebrations boxes featuring Mini Milky Way Crispy Rolls. Ordinarily only available as a 25g chocolate bar, the whipped nougat and crunchy wafer biscuit combo has always been a popular twist on the traditional Milky Way. Now that there’s a mini version available to the masses, this popularity is only set to grow. 

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Although the boxes don’t appear to be available through B&M’s online store, a photo posted to NewFoodUK shows that they can be bought in-store at some locations. However, despite the understandable excitement, there does seem to be a catch. 

According to this particular photo, the Galaxy bars are labelled as Dove - the name used outside of the UK, Ireland and some other territories. This suggests that any updated Celebrations boxes currently on sale have been imported from elsewhere and will not be a permanent addition to the B&M roster. 

However, despite the potentially limited availability of the treats, the addition of Mini Milky Way Crispy Rolls is proof positive that change isn’t always a bad thing. Even if you’re obsessed with Celebrations as they are, you can’t argue with whipped nougat.