You can now get "Chicken and Waffles"-flavoured Pringles

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Of all the slightly unusual sweet and savoury combinations that have conquered fast food menus, chicken and waffles is probably the one that makes the most sense. Even if you’re the sort of cooking purist that believes dessert and poultry should never cross paths, it’s hard to argue with the lip-smacking sugary crunch of a perfectly seasoned fried chicken breast and fluffy waffle. It’s the sort of food that makes you wonder why we bother with courses at all.

Reinventing something that’s already pretty outlandish is tough for any food producer. That, however, hasn’t stopped Pringles from taking the chicken and waffle blueprint and trying to turn it into a potato chip. The result is sure to divide opinion. 

Spotted by several Instagram-users, the new limited-edition flavour is currently available exclusively at Dollar General. Though there is little information available on exactly how long the new tubes will be around, every package comes with the warning that they are here for a “Limited Time Only”, suggesting that fans will have to be speedy if they want to get a taste. 

This Waffle Maker Creates Building Bricks:

Given the restricted availability and limitations on the public’s ability to shop, reviews of the new flavour are few and far between. However, Instagrammer @carbconnoissuer reported:

“The one chip company, that doesn’t sell air is selling a new limited time only flavor! Chicken and waffles @pringlesus are out @dollargeneral they are pretty good. There is a very faint smell of maple syrup, and they have a very dull chicken flavor to them. I give them a 7/10”

Fans of chicken and waffle-flavoured snacks will be aware that this isn’t the first time a crisp producer has tried to recreate the iconic dish. Earlier this month, Lay’s brought back their own take on the flavour, which has been an on and off feature of their line-up since 2013. Even if you don’t have ready access to a Dollar General, it seems unlikely that you’ll have to wait long to enjoy something similar.