You can now get Chips Ahoy! cookies stuffed with Sour Patch Kids

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Just because two things are delicious doesn’t mean they belong together. Very few people look forward to receiving a takeaway pizza, just so that they can drizzle it with a layer of chocolate sauce. Vanilla ice cream does not need a sprinkle of egg fried rice to make it extra tasty. Sometimes, enough is enough. 

Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, two of America’s most beloved sweet snacks have decided to throw caution to the wind and combine. Now, adventurous cookie fans can take their taste experience to the danger zone, with all-new “Chips Ahoy! x Sour Patch Kids” biscuits. 

Even if you’re open-minded when it comes to new foodie experiences, there’s no getting away from the unappealing look of the sour gummy-studded cookies. The light brown dough is flecked with bleeding multicoloured blisters, making them look like a skin sample from an acne-ridden clown. Yummy. 

However, despite the seemingly bizarre ingredient combination and outright alarming appearance, customer reviews appear to be pretty positive. For instance, when popular Instagrammer @junkfoodleaks was sent a sample back in 2019, they declared:

“Let me be clear. I wanted to hate these so bad. This is a concoction crafted only by those crazy enough to think that it could work. But you know what? It kinda DOES work. I don't get it. I really don't."

“There's the chips ahoy flavor you love. It's there. It's prominent. And then...there's sour patch works.... I'm serious. I didn't think this would be anything other than vomit in cookie form. But I like it. I actually like it. I'm ashamed that I like this Frankenstein cookie.”

The new cookies are widely reported to be on sale from early May, though popular Instagram account @candyhunting has claimed that they’re already available at Dollar Tree stores. It just goes to show that, even if your food looks like Pennywise’s teenage cousin, it won’t necessarily be a disaster.