You can now get chocolate fudge brownie M&Ms

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There are plenty of snacks that prove just because you already have something tasty doesn’t mean you should stop trying. If Walker’s had stopped at Ready Salted, clearly we’d all be bored to tears. Even though messing around with a classic formula comes with risks, hungry history tells us it's worth it. 

This theory has been proved once again by the creative brilliance of the cooks at M&Ms. Not content with peanuts, almonds and crunch biscuits, the famous candy brand has decided to unleash their most ambitious creation yet. Say hello to Fudge Brownie M&Ms.

Set to formally hit shelves next month, as per a report by Delish, the new chocolates promise to be just as outrageously decadent as their name suggests. Slightly bigger than a typical M&M, the centre is made from a soft gooey fudge, rather than a hard chocolate, combining a crunchy outer shell with a satisfying chew. 

A full review of the snacks was posted by prominent Instagrammer @DadBodSnacks, who had the benefit of a sneak preview. By the sounds of things, they don’t disappoint. As he put it:

Check out this recipe for Millionaire's Shortbread Brownie:

“Over the weekend while many people were scrambling to gather water and toilet paper, as if the world was coming to an end. @mmschoclate decided they would release the Fudge Brownie M&MS a tad early and surprise us. I first heard they were supposed to hit stores in April, but TONS of people found them now. SO…let’s eat! The shape is average for other “filled” M&Ms like peanut butter and hazelnut. Nice and fat so you know there’s goodness inside. At first bite, the flavor isn’t any different. But then you notice the texture, wow.”

His review continued:

“The middle is chewy and soft like a real piece of fudge brownie. And the more you chew, the more that fudgy quality of a soft chewy brownie comes through in flavor. It’s still heavy in chocolate flavor and reminiscent of the classic M&M, but with that fudgy middle, it helps elevate the whole candy. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and I’m glad I kept my mind open. I would not say I’m blown away, but I will say I’m VERY happy with these. It has such a large chocolate flavor, that if you even remotely loved the original M&Ms, I know you’ll love these. Nice one, @MarsWrigley.”

With snacking at the top of the agenda for many of us, it looks like we could be about to find a new favourite.