You can now get "Christmas Spiced" bacon that's marinated in black treacle

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Bacon is obviously already brilliant, but one enterprising British supermarket has found a way to make it even better. Marks and Spencer, who have something of a reputation for outlandishly tasty festive specials, have pushed the boat out once again with their brand new “Christmas Spiced” streaky bacon. Breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) is most definitely served. 

According to a report in The Mirror, the tangy treat is hand-cured, matured and air-dried for a total of 14 days before being ready for cooking. The product’s unique flavour comes in part from a special “festive” spice rub, made with a mixture of brown and white sugar, molasses, coriander seed and ground juniper berries. 

After this rub has been applied during the curing process, the meat is slowly smoked over a blend of applewood and oak chips for a rich barbecue taste, before being dunked in a marinade made from black treacle. It’s a far cry from plain old back bacon. 

Obviously, Christmas bacon fans will be queuing around the block to enjoy the dish morning, noon and night. However, for some inexplicable reason, there may be some who prefer their bacon bits to be a little more bite-sized. Fortunately, M&S has you covered, also offering packets of lardons prepared in the same way. Ideal for making bowls of Brussels sprouts seem infinitely sexier, there really is no excuse not to bring some festive cheer to your pork. 

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However, as with all good things, there is a caveat to the Christmas bacon. Unfortunately, the product is only available if purchased in-store, making life difficult for anyone unlucky enough to live in the immediate vicinity of an M&S might end up disappointed. 

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But just because the Christmassy bacon isn’t available for delivery doesn’t mean that alternatives aren’t available. Starved pork aficionados can also enjoy M&S’ Bacon-Wrapped Venison with Sloe Gin Stuffing joint, which serves four people for £20. It might not be a full pack of bacon, but at least you can it sent straight to your house.