You can now get 'doner kebab'-flavoured Pringles

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As the go-to post-club snack of choice, the kebab industry has been going through a tricky time. Now that drunken revelry is almost entirely confined to our own sitting rooms, opportunities to be drawn like a hungry moth to the fluorescent flame of a kebab shop have been few and far between. This has been a tragedy, both for us and the industry. 

However, just because spur of the moment mystery meat purchases have been compromised doesn’t mean you can’t still capture the essence of a kebab at home. According to multiple posts across social media, kebab fans can scratch that doner-flavoured itch with something much more convenient and infinitely easier to store in your kitchen than a kebab stand. Say hello to doner-flavoured Pringles. 

The unusual snacks have caused something of a splash on social media this week after they appeared on the popular UK-based Instagram account @newfoodsuk. The post, which featured both “Doner Kebab Flavour” and “Pulled Pork Flavour” burgers, was accompanied by the excited caption, “New!! Pulled Pork Burger and Doner Kebab flavoured Pringles now available at @sainsburys." Small wonder it’s received over 3,000 likes. 

The news was also confirmed by none other than Pringles themselves, who retweeted a post by the official British Kebab Awards account, which declared, “Lovely news from @Pringles_UK with their new #DonerKebab flavoured #pringooals”.

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However, for all the excitement over the new flavours, there is some confusion over why they’ve been unleashed now, complete with slightly baffling football-centric branding. According to multiple sources, it seems as though the crisps were created for the now-cancelled Euro 2020 football tournament, and that rather than cancel the release altogether, the company has decided to keep the slightly incongruous “Pringoooals” branding. 

But, despite the questionable decision to introduce a football-themed crisp when most sport is still cancelled, a majority of fans still seem pretty excited about the flavour. One Instagram user commented, “all about the kebab one,” while another added, “we need to try these!!!!” Clearly we’re all just desperate for a kebab in whatever form we can get it.