You can now get frozen Skittles Freezer Pops

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In the current climate, Summer might seem like a distant possibility. Understandably, the last thing on people’s priorities list is plotting a holiday or working on a tan. But, especially with the added emphasis on careful vigilance, it also pays to have the prospect of something delicious to distract us. 

Fortunately for anyone flustered about the idea of spending June stuck in their sitting room, one of the world’s most iconic candy brands is on hand to save the day. Just in time to provide the morale boost we all so badly need, Skittles has decided to serve up official branded freeze pops. Summer is saved. 

Available in Orange, Strawberry, Green Apple, and Grape flavours, each box comes packed with 10 different pops. Spotted at grocery stores including  Dollar General and H-E-B by several Instagrammers for as little as $1 a box, the frozen treats promise an entirely new way to taste the rainbow. 

While distribution currently seems to be limited, it’s worth noting that the Freezer Pops have another characteristic that might make them trickier to find. Like other pops, they have to be frozen at home, meaning that they won’t be found in the freezer section. As popular Instagram account Candy Hunting explained, “Look for these on room temperature shelves, not the freezer aisle.”

Though this news is obviously an exciting development for Skittles fans, snack enthusiasts will know that this isn’t the first time the candy has ventured into the Freezer Pop field. Last summer, Skittles unveiled a limited edition run of Freeze Pop-flavoured candies, which were warmly received by shoppers. As Instagrammer snacksfromaround explained:

“Alright guys these might be the most flavorful skittles ever! The blue raspberry, lemon and strawberry have such a strong and amazing flavor ? they taste a little like the freeze pop but I feel like they should have like a cold feeling to them( which they can do lol) but still these are a must try!”

Here’s hoping that the Freezer Pops themselves can deliver something half as delicious.