You can now get giant 4.5L tubs of Ben & Jerry's ice cream

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As an ice cream that’s almost always stuffed with more goodies than a Halloween treat bag, Ben & Jerry’s is usually reserved for special circumstances. No one, no matter how much they might be tempted, can last long on an endless conveyor belt of Phish Food. It is possible to have too much of a good thing. 

However, despite the dangers of overindulgence, there are occasions when the usual pints of creamy, gooey deliciousness just can’t cut the mustard. Sometimes you need something more substantial than a single blob of buried cookie dough. Historically, Ben & Jerry’s has struggled to deliver in these situations. How times have changed. 

To the relief of every British ice cream lover bored of spending their summer stuck ruminating on the sofa, Vermont’s most famous sons have produced their most epic ice cream yet. Spotted in supermarkets across the country, it seems as though you can now pick up giant 4.5L tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream - delivering almost 10 times more ice cream than a regular portion. 

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To make matters even more exciting, the enormous tubs, which have been spotted at Heron Foods, seem to be available for £3.50 according to a post on the site HotUKDeals. If true, this would, bizarrely, make them even cheaper than the smaller regular servings, meaning there’s no excuse not to stock up. 

Although the precise reasons behind the mysterious massive tubs are unknown, some fans have plausibly suggested that the industrial-sized portions were only previously available commercially to businesses like cinemas. Now that they have been forced to close their doors, the giant ice creams have been made available to a thrilled public. 

Whatever the reasons for the ice cream’s appearance, the new tubs have proved incredibly popular online. Writing on the HotUKDeals website, one commenter described the product as the “Deal of the millennium”, while others revealed that they had found other flavours including Baked Alaska in their local stores. It might not be totally clear why we now have huge Ben & Jerry’s tubs, but sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions.