You can now get giant tubs of edible brownie dough

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Nothing says apocalypse like sitting on your sofa wolfing down unadulterated brownie batter. Say what you like about the end of the world, but there’s a certain liberation that comes with imminent extinction. Everyday worries like diet don’t really matter any more. Scoff away. 

With this in mind, now seems like the opportune moment to stock up on snacks that might in ordinary circumstances seem a little overindulgent. Given the uncertainty over global supply chains, there’s no way of knowing how long we might have access to delicious things. All this makes the prospect of a giant tub of gooey brownie mix all the more enticing. 

Recently spotted at Costco stores across America, the tubs come courtesy of sweet-specialists “Eat Pastry”. Described variously by Delish as “Huge” and “Giant”, there’s little doubt that the desserts pack a serious punch. 

Spotted on Costco shelves by several prominent Instagrammers, the product has already got the internet drooling. As popular account “Costco Does It Again” explained, the batter can actually be eaten “raw or baked”, making it an ideal present for impatient pudding lovers. 

Check out this St Patrick's Day Brownie Trifle recipe:

Unsurprisingly, hungry Costco fans were quick to ratchet up the anticipation levels in the comments. One person wrote, “Searching for this today!!” while another added, “Might be worth going to Costco just for this.”

To make matters even more exciting, Eat Pastry themselves revealed that customers can also get hold of cookie dough tubs as well as the brownie mixture, writing on their own Instagram channel:

“Thank you Costco for stocking our Cookie Dough AND Brownie Dough, making millions of lives more enjoyable rn”

While there are clearly many more important supplies to stock up on, it’s nonetheless reassuring that months of disruption still have the potential to be delicious.